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Although his musical talents were fostered at an early age, John Pinder did not imagine a career in music until many years later. After college graduation, he was prompted by the gift of an acoustic guitar to discover his aptitude for singing and songwriting. Soon afterward, he entered the scene as a prominent new performer and songwriter.


“Pinder has a strong, flexible, radio-ready voice that makes anything sound good.”-David Malachowski (Daily Freeman)


His adaptable voice, expansive writing style, and agreeable personality received high praise among discerning critics and fans. This approval engaged renowned musicians and the guidance of multiple Grammy nominated recording artist Scott Petito to produce the John Pinder & Crooked Toe EP at NRS Recording Studio. The recording promptly received radio attention and commendations for its versatility and adept composition.


“Crooked Toe is a very smart musical band with clever lyrics and cool grooves.”-Sonny Rock (WRIP 97.9)




Pinder’s songs are appreciated for their readability and encouraging tones, while his band provides the euphonious cohesion needed to sustain the popularity of such a diverse and well-loved project. Their collaborative talents and good nature continue to earn them regular appearances at expanding upstate venues.


“John Pinder & Crooked Toe offer radio-ready tunes.”


“Classic rock with more than a touch of nostalgia.”


-David Malachowski





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